Equalizer+ premium: music player & bass booster App Reviews

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I knew as soon as I bought the premium, I wouldnt regret it.

Amazing sound quality with a very handy and crisp bass booster. I love the different visual modes too!


how do i access audio books from the audible app??

Good for DJing

This app is great other than having to pay for everything, but the equalizer. Wish the base bosster had a lot more base.

Can you please help help me ?¿

I have just downloaded your app. And cannot even send an email to you. I have many many songs in my iTunes library. And thought from reading the reviews that I would be able to use your equalizer. BUT no. Only a few songs can I even play. Because once again they are all copyrighted. Can you please give me a refund. Thank you I am not giving a review because your app is not what it says it will do. All I am asking is for you to please give me a refund.

This app.

A buddy turned me on to this app I love it

Needs "this" update

This app needs an update where it uploads your playlist where the songs in your iTunes library are transferred to this app with the way you made the song(starts at 00:02 and ends at 3:59)

No EQ, no Central Control

What a stupid app. I am sure that the general control screen and an EQ is built in somewhere. How dumb is it that neither are front and center.

All great, just add Volume Control

Guys, make it complete. Thanks

Super EQ and Crossfade

This edition is a vast improvment. Easy to make your own playlists within the app.


Its lit my man, buy it or youre broke


So far so good

Love it

Equalizer is awesome Superbase! when I ride my motorcycle earplugs work great so much better than the standard iPhone player five stars One of the few apps I purchased and use I have noticed they may need a limiter as some of the bassier songs will crunch the headset

Almost Perfect

I wish youll allow to appear the album cover to the iTunes shared folder because it does not look nice when theres no picture and fix the song title in iTunes shared folder because theres numbers in my music.

It is what I wish iTunes was capable of....

I put this on my iPhone 7 and it is excellent! It allows for tuning of high end sounds for clear crisp renditions. After two days of using the free version, I upgraded with no problem. Excellent value for $2.99! I added it to my iPad and again no problems.

Nice app!

I like how I can control the bass and stuff but the only thing Im disappointed about is that I cant save the customized version of the song for later when I want to listen to it again


Does everything you expect and more! It lets you take music from your google drive and download it onto your phone!

Nice App

Love the App, provides great mid-range that my car stereo does not. My only wish is to have a car mode.

FVBC en español pastor

Is perfect, just what I needed for our church music and radio programs


This app is laid out well and is user friendly. It does everything I expected and does it well. One thing I would like added that I cant find on any music app, is the option to have each song stop at the end, rather than continuous play. As a performer, I often stop between songs for comments or addressing the audience. Thanks!


Pls fix bugs like sometimes there is no sound when playing music or long time to load longer music like sets it takes like 5 sec before play from time you click it

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