Equalizer+ Pro HD music player App Reviews

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Nice ??

I like this app

Stops playing on iOS 11 update

This was a great app till iOS 10 now it keeps stops playing song after few minutes There was a patch yesterday but that didn’t fix it


I like app

No controls just glorified playlist

Purchased this thinking it had an adjustable EQ and volume control. It has nothing. No adjustments at all. Just a glorified playlist.

Double tap mic doesn’t pause/play!

Also, give the alphabet switcher to the albums tab as well and not just the “Songs” tab.. Thank GOD you removed the welcome sound ! Make sure the app doesn’t drain too much batter my and I’ll give a 5 * rating !


Best music player out..


Great app. Like the sound and all features. You can buy if you want. You may have to contact the vender to check whether you will own it forever though.

Do t waist your time

Smh and can’t even get my money back , everything in iTunes is copyrighted to them they are so stupid to make this trash app do not buy this extra I’m saving ppl money hear me out ppl ... like frfr sum soooo angry right now , like why lie and false advertise , it should say some iTunes music will play but not all due to copyright issues, but what would be the point of this app anyway. Just don’t but this crap


Great app trustworthy

sounds great

meaty sounding amplification, pretty good interface. just needs seamless track-to-track flow (no gaps). thanks.

Great sound


Love it and Im picky

Great APP. I even upgraded since it was stable and worth it.

Doesnt import my playlists

And tech support doesnt respond to my email.




+Extremely good bass quality, after going through 6 other "Bass boost" apps, this one can increase bass without compromising the quality of the sound, recommended bass boost 3.0 or below (Youll see)? +Has a very sleek UI, doesnt look cheap, and can easily compare to flagship default apps. +Audio Visualizers are very responsive and most importantly of all they work with bluetooth +On top of the bass boost feature, has a built in equalizer which also works perfectly. This is one of the only music apps i use aside from the default IOS app

I knew as soon as I bought the premium, I wouldnt regret it.

Amazing sound quality with a very handy and crisp bass booster. I love the different visual modes too!


how do i access audio books from the audible app??

Good for DJing

This app is great other than having to pay for everything, but the equalizer. Wish the base bosster had a lot more base.

Can you please help help me ?¿

I have just downloaded your app. And cannot even send an email to you. I have many many songs in my iTunes library. And thought from reading the reviews that I would be able to use your equalizer. BUT no. Only a few songs can I even play. Because once again they are all copyrighted. Can you please give me a refund. Thank you I am not giving a review because your app is not what it says it will do. All I am asking is for you to please give me a refund.

This app.

A buddy turned me on to this app I love it

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