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Equalizer +

Klasse Player

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ios 8 geldikten sonra açılmıyor güncelleme gelirse iyi olur


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Arkadaş bi program yapıyorsunuz , ücretinide çatır çatır ödüyoruz ama gel gelelim program hata penceresi açmaktan kendi işini yapamıyor ,rezalet kesinlikle düzeltilmesi,olmuyorsa AppStorea dan kaldırılması gerekiyor

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E͛q͛u͛a͛l͛i͛z͛e͛r͛ p͛r͛o͛g͛r͛a͛m͛ı l͛a͛ b͛u͛ n͛e͛ d͛e͛m͛e͛k͛ 800 m͛b͛ y͛e͛r͛ k͛a͛p͛l͛ıy͛o͛r͛? A͛m͛a͛ s͛e͛s͛ v͛e͛ b͛a͛s͛ k͛a͛l͛i͛t͛e͛s͛i͛ g͛üz͛e͛l͛


App is always shutting down

Please fix




Brings the Boom out!

Crashes every 2 minutes.

I am changing my review from 5 stars to 1. Keeps crashing like before.

it doesn’t work with apple music


Can’t play half my music

Can’t play half my iTunes library with this App.

Much better but,....

I just downloaded this app.equalizer p as well,it's much better for the sound 's quality,but still needs more restoration on some fiturs especially conecting to internet via google or activating dropbox.i've tried to check my conection to the good one but still nothing.the visualizer picture needs more variable so it will look more premium.but generally looks good.

Awesome sound upgrade

Premium version of this equalizer app is AWESOME. everything is BETTER with 7 band equalizer which you should make into a V shape for the best bass and treble on all songs. Start on far left of equalizer put that one around 12 setting then next one around 8 next one 4 and the 1 K one should be at zero. Start with right side next to the one that is at 0 setting and make next one on right of it to around 4 next one on right around 9 then last one on right put at around 15. Then go to bass boost and put around 2 setting. You don’t need it any higher because the graphic equalizer takes very good CARE of your sound from this app. You can hear all the instruments so much better now than the free regular version of this app. A decent pair of headphones brings out the best sound along with this GREAT premium equalizer. If you want to spend a lot go for either beats or a sennheiser pair. With this premium equalizer you don’t really need to spend a lot on headphones to hear how great all music sounds using this graphic equalizer. All you really need is a mid price pair of Sennheiser headphones like the 2.30 G pair I have. I prefer on ear headphones vs over the ear kind because the music blasts out at a medium volume compared to a pair of over the ear headphones which make you turn the volume like 2/3 to get what the on ear pair only needs about 1/2 volume for same great sound. I don’t recommend putting the volume level more than 2 clicks from full volume because past that level you can get tinnitus which is ringing in the ears which is a bad 24/7 problem you don’t want to experience. I got it from going to a lot of rock/metal concerts in the 80’s when seating was general admission so I got to show like 3 hours early and when they opened the doors about 1 hour before concert the started I ran up to the very front to really experience how awesome a rock/metal concert is.

Locks up constantly on a brand new phone. can’t use.

Waste of money. iPhone X

More Visualizers Please

Love this app best one out there. I’ve had this app for a couple of years now on multiple phone. But new visualizers are needed for variety since every song is different.

Great EQ

I have an IPhone X paired with Bose Soundsport Wireless ear buds and the sound is incredible. Bass is outstanding!!!!!

Very nice

No problems, works well with IPad 3

Worth my money

I play hockey and when I score x amount of goals I get that times itself in cash. I got 4 dollars and wanted a bass app so I bought this and use it every hockey game. Worth my money

Love this app!

I love this app! One thing I haven't seen mentioned is it's a landscape only mode app but that's good for me because that's the way I have my iPad Pro sitting when I'm listening to music. With this app music even sounds good when I'm using cheap headphones (which I'm only doing until my new Bose headphones are delivered).

Please this is horrible

Ok to be honest this app is aight but it needs so much work.An alphabetical wheel to find songs quicker, an edit song option, make it feel more like a premium version, make a multi selection option to make a playlist. But I must admit this is one of the very few apps with a fader and it’s sick asf

awesome but

its awesome but i really want the ability to upload from soundcloud

One Star, and here’s why

I rate my favorite player only one star now, and the reason for that is the indispensable alphabetical strip on the right side of the track listing has been removed. Unbelievable. Now you have to manually scroll through each and every song to find one single song. Try that with hundreds of songs. Stop reinventing the wheel. Some things are perfect just the way they are. Please put the alphabetical search strip back in, and please add one to the other categories also, like artist and album. Thanks!

Almost there....

UPDATE: 1-13-18 the latest update STILL hasn’t fixed the pause function smh such a great app come on guys

Good but..

It’s a really good app 5 stars all the way I just am wondering if I can export and edited song so I can send it to my drive

Many problems

Couple of problems. 1. Having to add songs in the main music app then transferring the playlist to this app is annoying. 2. Approaching the last song in a playlist the music stops and doesn’t play the last song. Lastly, sometimes when playing music I press pause and it plays the music and when pressing play it pauses the music 👎🏽

Seems ok but....

I like the free version except for it's limitations but I'm a little put off by the paid version. The added 'visual effects' and bass boost seem lame and the classy look of the equalizer and icon are ruined. Give this version the nice icon and slap a 'limited' label across the fee one. And put nice sliders on this one and gaudy ones on the other. Otherwise I like it except that it does seem to crash in my car sort of often.


Best eq I have ever owned! Makes multiple choice eq's of others, e.i. Rock, smooth, concert, etc. look SILLY! Now I can actually make MY music sound like I want! I would be willing to pay more, much more, if app included a good AGC circuit. (Auto gain control). Sad that Apple won't let me listen to the same “protected” files that I can listen to using their app that comes with the iPad. I had to go back to iTunes and purchase duplicate songs that are not protected. Crazy world!

If you have a passion for music ❤️

Hands down the best eq!!! I have it on all my devices worth every penny👌


I paid for the premium after realizing that the app wouldn’t play all the song I have on my iPhone and after buying the premium I still couldn’t play them all, waste of my money PS i don’t care if it was 2 cent it’s still my money and I want what I pay for, while you all are getting rich by ripping people off, mention that this app doesn’t support all music.


Left two (bass) sliders distort Half way up the scale!! How do you get back to the equalizer setting after going to the "tracks"?!!!!!!


I'm so glad I found it. My friend showed me the app and I tried the free version for a few days then upgraded and it's even better. Keep this here it's go great to have

Great App!!

This app is awesome!! With out a doubt, “knock on wood”it does exactly what it says & preforms better. I like this app, it lets you be in control.

Please Integrate It With Google Play Music

This app is great!! Just wish that it would eventually integrate it with Google Play Music.

Nice 👌🏼

I like this app

Stops playing on iOS 11 update

This was a great app till iOS 10 now it keeps stops playing song after few minutes There was a patch yesterday but that didn’t fix it


I like app


Great app. Like the sound and all features. You can buy if you want. You may have to contact the vender to check whether you will own it forever though.

Do t waist your time

Smh and can’t even get my money back , everything in iTunes is copyrighted to them they are so stupid to make this trash app do not buy this extra I’m saving ppl money hear me out ppl ... like frfr sum soooo angry right now , like why lie and false advertise , it should say some iTunes music will play but not all due to copyright issues, but what would be the point of this app anyway. Just don’t but this crap

sounds great

meaty sounding amplification, pretty good interface. just needs seamless track-to-track flow (no gaps). thanks.

Great sound


Love it and I'm picky

Great APP. I even upgraded since it was stable and worth it.

Doesn't import my playlists

And tech support doesn't respond to my email.




+Extremely good bass quality, after going through 6 other "Bass boost" apps, this one can increase bass without compromising the quality of the sound, recommended bass boost 3.0 or below (You'll see)😊 +Has a very sleek UI, doesn't look cheap, and can easily compare to flagship default apps. +Audio Visualizers are very responsive and most importantly of all they work with bluetooth +On top of the bass boost feature, has a built in equalizer which also works perfectly. This is one of the only music apps i use aside from the default IOS app


how do i access audio books from the audible app??

Good for DJing

This app is great other than having to pay for everything, but the equalizer. Wish the base bosster had a lot more base.

Can you please help help me ?¿

I have just downloaded your app. And cannot even send an email to you. I have many many songs in my iTunes library. And thought from reading the reviews that I would be able to use your equalizer. BUT no. Only a few songs can I even play. Because once again they are all copyrighted. Can you please give me a refund. Thank you I am not giving a review because your app is not what it says it will do. All I am asking is for you to please give me a refund.

This app.

A buddy turned me on to this app I love it

Needs "this" update

This app needs an update where it uploads your playlist where the songs in your iTunes library are transferred to this app with the way you made the song(starts at 00:02 and ends at 3:59)

No EQ, no Central Control

What a stupid app. I am sure that the general control screen and an EQ is built in somewhere. How dumb is it that neither are front and center.

All great, just add Volume Control

Guys, make it complete. Thanks

Super EQ and Crossfade

This edition is a vast improvment. Easy to make your own playlists within the app.


It's lit my man, buy it or you're broke


So far so good

Love it

Equalizer is awesome Superbase! when I ride my motorcycle earplugs work great so much better than the standard iPhone player five stars One of the few apps I purchased and use I have noticed they may need a limiter as some of the bassier songs will crunch the headset

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